Advanced Battery Technology for Unmatched Performance 

Explore our advanced technology—fused together for unparalleled performance, safety, and lifespan for every application.

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Safety Without Compromise

Battery pack systems adhere to the highest safety standards. It creates a safe system using Li-ion chemistry, by actively monitoring and controlling the battery. 

Battery Management System (BMS)

Continuously monitors each battery pack by a distributed BMS system with integrated insulation monitoring and interlock loop.

It conducts diagnostics to detect and prevent faults, ensuring optimal performance and safety.


Prevent Thermal Runway

Systems use cutting-edge technology to prevent the spread of thermal runaway, safeguard all adjacent cells, and enhance overall battery integrity.

Cell-Level Fusing

All cylindrical cells are individually fused using wirebonds—enabling short-circuit protection on a cell level of up to 800VDC battery systems. 

Thermal Management to Maximize Lifetime

Whether in the icy expanses of northern Sweden in winter or the middle of a California summer, the battery packs thrive. 

The technology is built to withstand extreme cold. Heating pads are embedded directly into the battery pack to keep it functional and operational in harsh conditions and allow charging below zero degrees.

The approach to managing inevitable heat is twofold. Passive cooling allows heat to naturally dissipate from the casing, which is suitable for less demanding conditions. However, when the heat builds up quickly and needs swift removal, a liquid cooling system using water glycol mixture is employed. This accelerates cooling and is seamlessly integrated, thanks to the plug-and-play design. The liquid thermal system also allows below zero degrees heating just like the heatpads.

Technology That Thrives in the Extremes

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Optimized Cooling Paths

The optional cooling plate with an intricate network for transporting thermal liquid throughout all modules, keeps battery cells at optimum temperatures.
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Single-Surface Cooling

Accommodate both passive and active cooling—minimizing temperature differences between all the cells within the battery system and assuring uniformity for an increased lifespan.
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Ready for the Extreme

Thermal management ensures peak performance even under the most extreme conditions.

Flexible to Fit Your Requirements

Modular building blocks are designed to be flexible—utilizing a selection of standardized sizes created from the same tooling, components, and production process. This setup offers multiple solutions for operating voltage and benefits from plug-and-play installation, ensuring battery packs can be combined to meet your needs.

Versatile Battery Packs for Your Applications


Multi-Pack Functionality

Integrate multiple packs into one system to achieve the desired output, with possibility to connect in series and/or parallel.


Modular Design

Adapt to space constraints, with packs able to orientate both horizontally and vertically.

Adaptable for Any Application

Unlock a wide array of energy solutions, customizing energy content, operating voltage ranges, and sizes according to your specific needs.

Toughness Redefined

We understand the environments where your machines must operate. Engineered to withstand the harshest environments, our battery packs are tested and ready to face dust, shock, vibration, water, and more.  

We have your back.