Battery Packs Built for Off-Highway EVs

Modular battery packs for electric off-highway equipment and machinery - making the path to zero emissions easier, simpler, and more scalable.

BP2 Eleo

Battery Pack Technology to Power Your Entire Range

Battery packs for off-highway equipment face unique challenges. Addressing varying use cases, durability, strict packaging requirements, and high mix low volume. 

Eleo is ready to meet the challenge. Our full range of battery packs are specifically designed for off-highway applications. Built to withstand tough environments, our solutions ensure reliable and efficient performance for your off-highway applications.


Trust Eleo for Advanced Battery Technology That Meets Your Needs

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Our modular design and multi-pack functionality caters to the wide demands of off-highway applications.
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Backed by Yanmar, we provide strong supply chain security for consistent and reliable delivery.
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We deliver solutions designed to meet your needs both today and in the future.

Validated Battery Packs Built for Construction EVs

Electrification in construction equipment is accelerating. Stricter emissions laws, rising diesel costs, and more noise restrictions are all converging together, quickly turning what was a concept into reality. 

Enhanced battery pack technology, which is ready for the dust, vibration, and temperatures of construction, means the appeal of electric vehicles is growing fast. 


Construction Eleo Battery

Embrace the Challenge of Electrifying Your Construction Equipment


Thermal Management

Embrace a battery pack that copes with the thermal extremes of your operational environment.

Environmental Compliance

Battery packs will comply with the EU battery regulation including targets for sustainable material sourcing, recycling, battery passport, and carbon footprint.


Powering your Needs

Ready to meet your operational and charging power demands, and supporting with requirements for battery cell recycling at end of life. 
Farm Batteries

Purpose-Built Battery Packs Built for Agricultural Equipment

The move towards electrifying agricultural equipment is gaining momentum. New emissions regulations, stricter noise requirements, increased operator comfort, and a desire to boost productivity without unnecessary harming the environment is driving forward electrification projects in agriculture. 

Silent running, and equipment without emissions protects the environment, crops, and animal husbandry. The next step is selecting a partner capable of navigating these environments with you.

Seize the Opportunity to Electrify Your Agricultural Equipment


Environmental Impact

Contributes to zero emission goal to combat climate change, with strong focus on sustainability.

Operational Durability

Tested for resilience against vibrations and shocks specific to agricultural environments and applications.

Make Full Use of Available Space

Size flexibility ensures battery packs make full use of the available space: ideal for constraints in agricultural equipment.  

Toughness Redefined

We understand the environments where your machines must operate. Engineered to withstand the harshest environments, our battery packs are tested and ready to face dust, shock, vibration, water, and more.  

We have your back.