About Us

Welcome to Eleo

Welcome to Off-Highway Electrification

Eleo is the off-highway EV battery pack specialist, our battery packs
offer versatile configurations for simple, practical, and fast integration.


We’re Working Today, to Change the Off-Highway Vehicles of Tomorrow

We’re helping the world work towards net-zero, by making off-highway EV battery packs a practical alternative to internal combustion engines.

Our mission is to enable widespread electrification of off-highway equipment and vehicles. We do this by providing robust and reliable products to enable our customers to manufacture machines that are truly better to live with in every way, than their fossil fuel counterparts.


Engineered in the Netherlands, Manufactured to Last

All Eleo battery packs are expertly assembled at our advanced production facility in Helmond, the Netherlands. Our production facility delivers a highly robust, reliable, and scalable manufacturing process to ensure every pack that leaves our facility meets the highest quality and safety standards.

Backed by Yanmar, one of the world’s leading off-highway engine suppliers, it ensures supply chain security for our customers. Today, we’re working together to deliver battery packs for off-highway EVs: the same high standards, attention to detail, and eye for innovation—just a different technology.

R&D at Eleo

Precision in Every Step: Our R&D and Testing Capabilities

At our core, we're all about innovation and quality. Our R&D team works tirelessly to explore new ideas and develop practical solutions that address the real-world needs in off-highway.

But we don't stop there—our comprehensive testing processes ensure that every product meets industry standards and exceeds your expectations in performance, safety, and reliability. We're committed to continuous improvement, delivering exceptional products that work in the harshest environments. 

Eleo Designs and Manufactures Battery Packs for Off-Highway EVs


Universal Compatibility

Our battery packs are designed to support multiple machines, making them perfect for a diverse range of applications.

Reduced Complexity

Enjoy the benefits of fewer spare parts and less training as one platform can be used across your entire fleet.. Our standardized components not only cut down on inventory costs but also make installation and maintenance straightforward

Quality and Trust

Based in Europe and backed by Yanmar, we ensure each product is built with the we ensure each product adheres to the highest quality standards and processes, with control and repeatability built in by default.

Global Compliance

We adhere to the high regulatory and quality standards that our customers deserve and expect

Join Us: Shape the Future of Off-Highway Electrification

Our team is empowered to not just imagine the future but to build it—creating remarkable battery packs and in a culture where every team member counts. Join us, and let's shape the future of off-highway electrification together.

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