Battery Packs

Why Choose Eleo Battery Packs

Our battery packs cater to the unique demands of low-volume, high-diversity OEM vehicles and equipment. Discover how our solution will support your full range.


The Eleo Battery Pack Advantage

Our battery packs are designed with advanced safety features, including propagation resistance, ensuring they remain fire-free even under extreme conditions.

They meet industry compliance, making them ready for use in any application. Rigorously tested to withstand the toughest conditions, our battery packs are dust, water, shock, and vibration resistant, ensuring durability and reliability in any environment.

They also deliver exceptional performance across all thermal environments, functioning efficiently in a wide range of temperatures to provide consistent power delivery and reliability in both hot and cold environments.

Eleo Construction Battery

Modular Battery Packs,
Configured for Any
Off-Highway EV

Our battery packs offer a scalable voltage range from 50V to 720V, tailored to meet your vehicle's system voltage and specific preferences. 

Designed to achieve a broad power range, our battery packs have a maximum continuous power output of up to 330 kW, demonstrating their robust power potential. Additionally, our battery packs utilize industry standard CANopen and J1939 communication protocols for seamless integration between the battery packs and application, giving the user the necessary data required for safe and reliable operation.

Nominal Voltage DC


Energy Range:12 - 45 kWh
Charging:Up to 0.7 C
Discharging:Up to 300A
Thermal Management:Passive or liquid cooling


Energy Range:12 - 45 kWh
Charging:Up to 0.7 C
Discharging:Up to 300A
Thermal Management:Passive or liquid cooling


Energy Range:21 - 63 kWh
Charging:Up to 0.7 C
Discharging:Up to 225A
Thermal Management:Liquid cooling


Energy Range:63 - 125 kWh
Charging:Up to 0.7C
Discharging:Up to 225 A
Thermal management:Liquid cooling

Key Features

Multipack functionality
Up to 6 packs can be combined in parallel to increase capacity of the system. The BMS-systems of the individual packs will work together, with one BMS acting as the Gateway to communicate with the application during operation.

Interface box serviceability
Interface box reduces service turnaround time. It can be replaced with minimal training and without the need to ship batteries back for repair. As an off the shelf part, it will be readily available and allow operation to resume quickly.

Two orientations
Battery packs can be integrated in 2 orientations (90 degree rotation). Mounting fixtures can be designed similarly for both orientations.

Double Battery Pack

Key Specifications


Voltage Range:
50V, 100V, 360V, 720V


Energy Capacity:
125 kWh


Power Output:
Up to 90 kW

Eleo IP65

IP Rating:


Communication Protocols:
CANopen and J1939


Built-in telematics

How it Works

Resilience and power delivered with validated modules configured into your battery pack. Faster, safer, simpler for your whole fleet.


Scale Across Your Range

Simplify your operations and serviceability with our efficient, plug-and-play battery packs. Choose your specifications, connect, and go—utilizing the same technology across your entire range to reduce training and spare parts inventory. 

As a company using quality materials, we offer a comprehensive package that includes everything from warranties to recycling fees, with clear, upfront pricing. This streamlined approach ensures our solutions are easy to maintain and service, giving you confidence in a reliable, long-term investment.

One Solution for Multiple Applications


Supporting Your Entire Range

Versatile battery packs allow you to use a single solution to power different equipment, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing complexity.

Fewer Spare Parts

Standardizing across your product line minimizes the variety of spare parts you need to keep in stock, reducing inventory costs and simplifying maintenance.

Less Training

Our plug-and-play technology is designed for ease of use, requiring less training for your team, leading to faster onboarding and reduced training expenses.

Toughness Redefined

We understand the environments where your machines must operate. Engineered to withstand the harshest environments, our battery packs are tested and ready to face dust, shock, vibration, water, and more.  

We have your back.