Battery Packs for Off-Highway EVs

Eleo, a Yanmar company, manufactures a full range of battery packs, specifically designed for off-highway applications. ​Engineered to thrive in demanding environments, our solutions ensure peak performance day in, day out.

Full Range Battery Packs

Our battery packs cater to the unique demands of low volume, high diversity off-highway machines.  

Choose a battery pack solution tailored to your requirements, including energy content, operating voltage, and size. 

The flexible, modular designs accommodates space constraints, utilizing both horizontal and vertical placement. With our multi-pack options, you can combine several packs into one system to get the exact output you need. Electrify your entire product line in the future with the same battery pack technology.

Select the perfect fit for your requirements.


Toughness Redefined

We understand the environments where your machines must operate. Engineered to withstand the harshest environments, our battery packs are tested and ready to face dust, shock, vibration, water, and more.  

We have your back.

Together We’re Pioneering Electrification

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Scale in Production

Efficiently meet demand with our scalable manufacturing solutions
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Supply Chain Security

Ensure delivery with robust supply chain management

Quality Assured

Consistently high-quality and dependable products for off-highway OEMs
Eleo Off-highway

Off-Highway Specialist

Designed with the challenges of tough terrain and unique demands in mind

How It Works

Reliability and power delivered with modules configured into your battery pack. Faster, safer, simpler for your whole fleet.

Eleo is a Yanmar Company

Yanmar is globally recognized as the original pioneer in compact diesel engine development and manufacturing. Today, working together, we’re delivering electric battery packs for off-highway EVs: Same high standards, the same attention to detail, and the same eye for innovation - just a different technology.


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Join Us: Shape the Future of Off-Highway Electrification

Our team is empowered to not just imagine the future but to build it—creating remarkable battery packs and in a culture where every team member counts. Join us, and let's shape the future of off-highway electrification together.

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